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Life Groups


The purpose of Life Groups is to experience authentic community and to study the Bible together. Life Groups meet weekly in various locations all over west Sonoma county. This is the key way to get connected with other people in the church and grow in your faith.


A vibrant community...where you join a group of 6-12 people who meet together for friendship, support, and spiritual growth.

A gathering of purpose: you Belong to a community; you Grow to become more like Jesus; and you Serve and extend compassion to friends and neighbors around you.

A place of prayer: where together, you bring your needs and the needs of others into the presence of God, who loves us, hears our prayers, and responds.

For more information, contact Lisa Swaney, Community Life Director (lisakswaney@gmail.com),  or the church office 707-823-8242

10:00 AM: Seb.Women’s Group @ The Church, led by Virginia Castagnola
6:30 PM: Women's Lifegroup @ the Jim & Lisa Swaney's home
6:30 PM: Men’s Lifegroup @ Jim Tisthammer's Home
6:30 PM: S.R. Open to All @ Gene & Sue Beckstead’s home

6:30 PM: S.R. Open to All @ Rick & Francine Rivers' home

2:00 PM: Seb.Open to All @ Lil Ogden’s home. led by Bill Brandt
5:15 PM: Seb. Junior High Rev Up! @ the Church, led by Luke Sanders
6:15 PM: Seb. High School Group @ the Church, led by Luke Sanders
7:00 PM: Seb. Open to All @ Mike & Eve Joseph home

7:00 PM: Seb. Women's Lifegroup @ April McDonald's/Tracy Bryant's home
7:30 PM: Seb. Open to All @ Bill & Linda Twitchell’s home

3:00 PM: Seb. Men's Group @ Burbank Heights Rec. Room led by Jerry Chapman
6:30 PM: Seb. Women's Group @ the Church (conference room), led by Erin Briggs

7:00 AM: Seb. Men’s Group @ the Church, led by Gary LeDonne
10:00 AM:Seb. Men's Group @ the Church, led by Jerry Chapman