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“Emotional Communication, Adopting A No Losers Policy”

April 29, 2018 Pastor: Jim Swaney Series: The DNA of Good Relationships

Scripture: John 11:33–11:35

Effective Communication is Emotional Communication

So, when we work to uncover the real emotional message, we say to our loved one, “I care how you feel.  Your feelings matter to me.”  And when our loved one gets this message, they feel deeply cared for.  That is when they feel loved! 

  1. Listen beyond the words to the feelings
  2. The ______________is often the emotion behind the words
  3. Allow others’ emotions to touch you.    Jesus is the best model for this!
  4. Treat communication like a dynamic process of _______________

Key: is NOT see the conversation as finding the quickest way to solve the problem.  Try and see the conversation as a means to understanding the
person better and caring for them. 

  1. Communication is understanding, not determining who is right or wrong


“Winning is finding a solution that _______________feel good about.”

Seven Steps to “Win-Win” Solutions:

  1. Establish a _____________policy
  2. Listen to how the other person feels
  3. Ask God for His opinion & direction
  4. Brainstorm about a “win-win” solution
  5. Select a “win-win” solution

What really matters is that the decision you come up with is something

you can  BOTH ENDORSE!

  1. Implement your solution
  2. Evaluate and re-work your solution if needed


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