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Jesus Is Healer

March 26, 2017 Pastor: Series: Jesus Is...

Matthew 8-9
March 25/26, 2017

Two bookends of Jesus’ ministry in action as well as in word: Matthew 4:23 and
Matthew 9:35-36

Two accounts of Jesus healing people:
1) Matthew 8:1-4 Leper
2) Matthew 8:5-13 Servant of Roman Centurion
• Jesus healed people because he loved them and cared deeply for them. And, to demonstrate that the Kingdom of God had arrived!

Today, Jesus is always the Healer…But He doesn’t always heal everyone physically.

There are many other ways that Jesus does heal today…

• 1. Be a wounded healer (for the outline in bulletin, write w__________ healer)
• 2. Let the Great Physican work (for the outline, write w_____)
• 3. Personal time of prayer (for the outline, write p___________)


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