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Future Promise Present Hope

April 2, 2016 Series: Guest Speaker

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:3–1:5

Future Promise Present Hope
1 Peter 1:3-5

What is Christian hope? Is it a glass half full, sunny side of life, generally happy, outlook? We know Peter says in 4:12, “do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you.” That doesn’t sound very sunny, and the “fiery ordeal” sure sounds certain. Or is the hope something far greater, far deeper, far more enduring and impactful? Let’s find out!

1. God’s great mercy is the grounds for hope and the reason to bless. (vs. 3)
Mercy moves me
2. Our hope is anchored in past (vs. 3)
Jesus has come
Jesus is resurrected
3. Our hope is applied and available in the present (vs. 3)
We are born again
To a living hope
4. Our hope is kept and completed in the future (vs. 4-5)
Our inheritance is kept
We are kept

Do you have hope?

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