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A Sermon About A Sermon

March 5, 2016 Pastor: Series: The Sermon On The Mount

Scripture: Matthew 6:9–6:13

Series Title: Sermon on the Mount
Title: A Sermon About A Sermon
Matthew 4:17, Matthew 6:9-13

The Ultimate Message of Jesus
Matthew 4:17

Why was Jesus killed?
A New World Order

The Essence of the Kingdom
The Now and Not Yet
“The time between the times.”
The Good News: Here and Now
John 10:10

Beyond the "Gospel of Sin Management"
The Disconnect between Life and Faith

The Trajectory of the Story
Acts 2:17-21
Revelation 21:1-4

Matthew 6:9-13
Removing our “Kingdoms” to make space for "God’s Kingdom"

“Your Kingdom come; Your will be done"

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