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Children's Ministry

We have Sunday school at both our 9:00 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. services, for nursery age through fifth grade.

Children will engage in worship songs, a creative craft, and an interactive Bible story to help them learn about God and discover Jesus' awesome love for them. Kids' check-in is downstairs.

Please contact Betty Anne Gould (bagould@sebchristian.com) for more details or with questions regarding the children's ministry. We look forward to partnering with you and serving your family!




Summer Bible Club 2019



We would love to have you serve with us! Here are some testimonials from our current teachers:

"As I work in the Toddler room, I don't “prep” for our time together except for the most important thing - prayer for the children.  I also think about showing Christ's love for them in my interactions and especially at this tender age - joy.  Being with the little ones is a privilege and a sacred trust. I think about how I can share Truth and Jesus love for them in our simple interactions. The lesson plans and crafts are the backbone. The kids enjoy them so much." Judy - TODDLERS

"At the age range we are teaching, the children have not developed a jaded view of the world and so it is the satisfaction of seeing God's words reach a new mind and hopefully a lifelong conversation will start between the child and God. There are usually interruptions and twists as I add to the lesson questions and point of views used in the story telling (from Jesus Storybook Bible curriculum). While I tell the story to the children, I pick-up on what they discover or bring to the discussion and often extend their contributions by creating follow-up story diversions and questions. Getting the children to engage and become a part of the story is a goal to cross over so that the children find themselves in the story and wanting to be on the right side of the story.  "
Levi – TODDLERS and K-5.

"We are impressed with how much the children know about the content already and how interactive the children are with the content. We also enjoy the prep of the lesson so that we can embellish the questions we ask and conversation starters about the lesson. That's fun for us! We really appreciate the materials and crafts. They are the best and the children like them in the k-5 level."  Lynn – TODDLERS and K-5

"The class was such a blessing. You can tell the children just love Jesus. He had his memory verse down and we had a blast reading and playing games. I can say that preparing for the toddlers is teaching me to see God from a child's view."  Jessica – TODDLERS.

"So rewarding when they listen to the lesson and when asked questions about lesson, they know the answer.  Also personally satisfying is watching them grow up in the church."  Sue – K-5

"The first word that comes to mind is "balance" because I feel there's always a perfect blend of structured activities and play. I never sense there is too much free time to where it becomes difficult to draw the children back into a group. The crafts have been fantastic, always age appropriate with an important Biblical concept for the children to think about.  I always feel I learn just as much from the children as they do from me. It is so enjoyable to teach these little ones, especially with lessons so well prepared ahead of time. I appreciate the time, prayer and team work that goes into the weekly lessons and activities." Lynette - TODDLERS